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A La Carte Menu

Soup of the Day V.Veg
£ 5.5
La Caponata Siciliana  V.Veg
Sweet and Sour   Cold Salad of Aubergine, Celery, Green olives, capers, onions, tomato, and almonds
Served with toasted bread
£ 5.9 
Caciocavallo all’argentiera V
Sautéed Southern Italian cheese, served with toasted bread, honey rocket   salad   and pink pepper
£ 6.5 
Le  Bruschette Mamma Mia
Cannellini beans, garlic, Rosemary, Truffle oil, and Parmigiano Shavings V
Tomato, basil, olive oil, and balsamic glaze V Veg
Mozzarella, tomato, basil, oregano, olive oil, and balsamic glaze V
£ 5.9  
Mussels Three Ways
Marinara, Shetland Mussels Garlic white wine, lemon and Parsley
Diavola, Garlic Tomato Sauce and lots of hot Chilli 
Zafferano, Shallot, white wine a touch of cream and saffron
£ 8
Gamberoni in Salsa piccante
King Prawns in a hot spicy cream sauce
£ 8
Frittura di Calamari e Gamberi con salsa aioli 
Deep Fried Calamari and king Prawns with aioli sauce
£ 8.5

Primi Piatti 
The Classic Lasagne
Oven baked in a rich beef Bolognese sauce, with besciamel and parmesan cheese
£ 12.5 
Mafaldine con le sarde
Large Pasta Ribbons cooked with fresh sardines, pine kernels, raisins, fennel and saffron
£ 12
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti served in a rich steak mince and tomato sauce
£ 10
Mafaldine Mamma Mia our signature pasta speciality. A Southern Italian Ragu slowly cooked with
Selected Scottish short ribs of beef in a rich tomato sauce with garlic and herbs, and plenty pecorino cheese
£ 13
Spaghetti Carbonara
Smoked Pancetta Egg yolk, pecorino cheese and black pepper
£ 10
Spaghetti frutti di mare
Seafood Spaghetti, calamari ,Prawns, and mussels, with cherry tomatoes and a splash of white wine
£ 13.5
Orecchiette alla barese V. Veg on request
Orecchiette pasta turnip tops, anchovies, cherry tomato, and chilli
£ 11
Orecchiette alla Norma V. Veg
Orecchiette pasta cooked with aubergine,cherry tomatoes,and garlic 
£ 11 
Orecchiette ai funghi e piselli V
Mushrooms, green peas, in a cheese and cream sauce with parmesan shavings
£ 11
Gnocchi alla boscaiola
Potato and flour dumplings, smoked pancetta, green peas, white wine, in a garlic creamy cheese sauce
£ 11.5 
Risotto funghi zafferano e Mascarpone V
Mushrooms, saffron and and Mascarpone with parmesan
£ 12 

Secondi Piatti
Brasato di spalla di manzo al vino rosso e rosmarino con pure di patate, carote glassate e cavolo nero
Braised feather steak,red wine and rosemary sauce, mash potatoes, glazed carrots and cavolo nero
£ 17.5 
Pollo alla Cacciatora
Chicken chasseur, supreme of chicken in a tomato, onions, mushrooms, and black olives
£ 14
Chicken burger Milano
Bread crumbed chicken fillet served in a brioche bun with tomato concasse, cheddar cheese,and red onions, served with chips
£ 11.9
Steak burger 
8oz prime cut steak burger served in a brioche bun with streaky bacon, cheese, tomato, and lettuce,
Served with chips
£ 12.9 

Fish of the day
Please ask a team member

Side orders 
Italian roast potatoes and rosemary V Veg  
Hand cut chips V Veg 
£ 3.3
Hand cut chips parmesan and truffle oil V
£ 3.9
Rocket salad and tomatoes, with Italian dressing and parmesan shavings V
£ 3
Vine ripe tomatoes and red onions V
£ 2.5
Sauted cavolo nero with butter and garlic V
£ 2.5

The Classic Tiramisu
£ 5.5
Mascarpone mint and lemon cheese cake
£ 6

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